Performance Bento Dry Food for Dogs 15 Kilogram

 Performance Bento Dry Food for Dogs 15 Kilogram
Производитель: BENTO KRONEN
Модель: מזון יבש 15 ק"ג לכלב Performance Bento
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Unique formula  for adult dogs with a high activity level, or for working dogs!
• complete and balanced food contains high levels of energy and fat

•designed for dogs who are at increased activity.
• contains high levels of protein from quality, with high digestibility level that match the nutritional requirements of working dogs.
• Contains glucosamine and Chondroitin for normal development and prevention of diseases affecting the pelvis, bones and joints (hip - dysplasia and dispersion).
• Enriched with calendula and beta - carotene to strengthen the immune system.

Ingredients: Chicken (minimum 30%), animal fat, rice, wheat, wheat flour, beet pulp, flaxseed, dried fish, protein hydrolysis chicken, salmon oil,
Brewer's yeast, egg powder, minerals, FOS (fiber pre - biotic), lecithin, calendula, green oyster extract, seaweed extract, grape seed