Chicoppe Dry Food 2 Kilogram gourmet flavored

 Chicoppe Dry Food 2 Kilogram gourmet flavored
Производитель: CHICOPEE
Модель: מזון יבש 2 ק"ג בטעם גורמה Chicoppe
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Premium dry food, complete and balanced for adult cats (gourmet flavored)


Ingredients: corn, flour, chicken, wheat flour, corn gluten, animal fat, flour, pork, fish meal, wheat, barley, protein processed, heavy meal, potassium chloride, sodium, chicory powder, yeast, vitamins, taurine, copper mineral.


Nutritional Content:

Protein - 32.7%

Fat - 13.4%

Raw cellulose - 1.5%

Moisture - 8%

Ash - 7.5%

Calcium - 1.3%

Phosphorus - 1%

Potassium - 0.61%

Sodium - 0.4%

Magnesium - 0.1%


Dietary supplements:

Taurine 1500 mg


Contains antioxidants of natural origin Tokoforlim  and Frofl extract, gallic acid and salt.

Unfit for human consumption


It is recommended to divide the amount of feeding two doses at least.

Fresh water should be available at all times