BELCANDO MULTI CROC Dry Food 15 Kilogram

 BELCANDO MULTI CROC Dry Food 15 Kilogram
Производитель: BELCANDO
Модель: מזון יבש 15 ק"ג BELCANDO MULTI CROC
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Is your dog, a real family member spending most of his time at home?

Wouldn’t you want to strengthen his immune system and give him dry dog ​​food that tastes so good, your dog will think you cooked it yourself? If so, BELCANDO FINEST-CROC with its juicy duck meat and chicken livers’ choice is the right choice for you. This wonderful taste is is strengthen by the sauce created when you add a little hot water.


Sauce: When mixed with hot water, the patties are instantly coated with delicious sauce.

ProImmun strengthens the natural immune system of house bound and sensitive dogs.

A natural protection for the cells with pickled black grapes seeds.

Yuccas extract ties between the materials in the process of metabolism in the colon and thereby reducing the unpleasant odors that your dog distributes.

The meat patties are a gourmet delicacy.

High energy density reduces the amount of feces, with no pressure on the dog's digestive system from large quantities.

Lecithin, brewer's yeast and linoleic acid promote healthy skin and a glossy coat of fur.


Dried Chicken (minimum Chicken 20%, minimum 10% Duck), rice, corn, poultry fat, vegetable oil, minced herring, chicken liver (hydrolyzed), grape seed (oil-free), brewer's yeast, carob, beet fiber, phosphate two - Sydney (dicalcium phosphate), whole egg (dehydrated), sodium chloride (common salt)


90% of the total animal protein proteins, of which - 55% chicken, 25% duck, 10% herring fish



Small breed dogs up to medium size