ROYAL CANIN Care Nutrition Intense Hairball10 kg

ROYAL CANIN Care Nutrition Intense Hairball10 kg
Производитель: ROYAL CANIN
Модель: 35467
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2/3 of lost hairs are ingested while grooming

Food for adult cats aged 1 year and older with a tendency to hairballs.

The "Intense anti-hairball" exclusive complex helpseliminate twice as much hair by natural means after 21 days exclusive use of INTENSE HAIRBALL 34.

A natural elimination of hairballs.

The combined supply of psyllium, rich in mucilage and micronised fibres stimulates intestinal transit.
Rather than collecting in the stomach and being regurgitated, the hair is eliminated regularly in the faeces.


dehydrated poultry meat, maize gluten, rice, vegetable fibres, maize flour, animal fats, hydrolysed animal proteins, beet pulp, minerals, psyllium husks and seeds, yeasts, soya oil, sodium phosphate, fish oil, fructo-oligo-saccharides, egg powder, taurine, L-cystine, DL-methionine


[analysis_table] Amount
[arachidonic_acid] ([percent]) 0.08
[ash] ([percent]) 8.1
[crude_fiber] ([percent]) 8.0
[dietary_fibre] ([percent]) 15.0
[epa_per_dha] ([percent]) 0.2
[fat] ([percent]) 15.0
[linoleic_acid] ([percent]) 3.6
[metabolisable_energy_calculated_according_to_nrc85] ([kcal_per_kg]) 3441.5
[metabolisable_energy_measured] ([kcal_per_kg]) 3654.0
[moisture] ([percent]) 7.0
[nitrogen_free_extract_nfe] ([percent]) 27.9
[omega_3] ([percent]) 0.6
[omega_6] ([percent]) 3.9
[protein] ([percent]) 34.0
[starch] ([percent]) 20.9
[other_nutrients] Amount
[arginine] ([percent]) 1.8
[dl_methionine] ([percent]) 0.83
[l_lysine] ([percent]) 1.6
[lutein] ([mg_per_kg]) 5.0
[methionine_cystine] ([percent]) 1.5
[taurine] ([mg_per_kg]) 2300.0
[vitamins] Amount
[biotin] ([mg_per_kg]) 3.8
[choline] ([mg_per_kg]) 2500.0
[folic_acid] ([mg_per_kg]) 18.0
[vitamin_a] ([ui_per_kg]) 25000.0
[vitamin_b1_thiamin] ([mg_per_kg]) 28.0
[vitamin_b12_cyanocobalamin] ([mg_per_kg]) 0.2
[vitamin_b2_riboflavin] ([mg_per_kg]) 55.0
[vitamin_b3_niacine] ([mg_per_kg]) 176.0
[vitamin_b5_pantothenic_acid] ([mg_per_kg]) 65.0
[vitamin_b6_pyridoxine] ([mg_per_kg]) 52.0
[vitamin_c] ([mg_per_kg]) 300.0
[vitamin_d3] ([ui_per_kg]) 763.0
[vitamin_e] ([mg_per_kg]) 600.0
[minerals] Amount
[calcium] ([percent]) 1.1
[chlore] ([percent]) 1.3
[copper] ([mg_per_kg]) 24.0
[iodine] ([mg_per_kg]) 2.7
[iron] ([mg_per_kg]) 195.0
[magnesium] ([percent]) 0.07
[manganese] ([mg_per_kg]) 61.0
[potassium] ([percent]) 0.6
[selenium] ([mg_per_kg]) 0.2
[sodium] ([percent]) 1.0
[zinc] ([mg_per_kg]) 197.0