ROYAL CANIN Care Nutrition Digestive Comfort 38 4 kg

ROYAL CANIN Care Nutrition Digestive Comfort 38 4 kg
Производитель: ROYAL CANIN
Модель: 88876
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Food for adult cats aged 1 year and older with a tendency to digestive disorders.

Double action for optimal digestive comfort.

The unique texture and shape of the kibbles forces your cat to chew, thus slowing ingestion time. Thorough chewing helps reduce the risk of regurgitation and prepares the food for digestion.

Proteins (from fish and wheat) selected for their very high level of digestibility, together with a combination of four fibres (chicory, marshmallow root, FOS and cellulose) aid digestion and regulate intestinal transit.


dehydrated fish*, vegetable protein isolate*, rice, maize flour, animal fats, maize gluten, hydrolysed animal proteins, minerals, vegetable fibres, chicory pulp, soya oil, fructo-oligo-saccharides, hydrolysed yeast (source of manno-oligo-saccharides), marsh mallow root (source of mucilage), taurine *L.I.P.: protein selected for its very high assimilation.

[analysis_table] Amount
[arachidonic_acid] ([percent]) 0.39
[ash] ([percent]) 7.7
[crude_fiber] ([percent]) 2.2
[dietary_fibre] ([percent]) 6.2
[epa_per_dha] ([percent]) 0.37
[fat] ([percent]) 15.0
[linoleic_acid] ([percent]) 3.06
[metabolisable_energy_calculated_according_to_nrc85] ([kcal_per_kg]) 3658.5
[metabolisable_energy_measured] ([kcal_per_kg]) 3890.0
[moisture] ([percent]) 7.0
[nitrogen_free_extract_nfe] ([percent]) 30.1
[omega_3] ([percent]) 0.7
[omega_6] ([percent]) 3.5
[protein] ([percent]) 38.0
[starch] ([percent]) 26.1
[other_nutrients] Amount
[arginine] ([percent]) 1.81
[dl_methionine] ([percent]) 0.87
[l_lysine] ([percent]) 1.74
[lutein] ([mg_per_kg]) 5.0
[methionine_cystine] ([percent]) 1.51
[taurine] ([mg_per_kg]) 2500.0
[vitamins] Amount
[biotin] ([mg_per_kg]) 1.76
[choline] ([mg_per_kg]) 1900.0
[folic_acid] ([mg_per_kg]) 5.29
[vitamin_a] ([ui_per_kg]) 20000.0
[vitamin_b1_thiamin] ([mg_per_kg]) 31.7
[vitamin_b12_cyanocobalamin] ([mg_per_kg]) 0.2
[vitamin_b2_riboflavin] ([mg_per_kg]) 63.5
[vitamin_b3_niacine] ([mg_per_kg]) 201.0
[vitamin_b5_pantothenic_acid] ([mg_per_kg]) 59.1
[vitamin_b6_pyridoxine] ([mg_per_kg]) 29.1
[vitamin_c] ([mg_per_kg]) 300.0
[vitamin_d3] ([ui_per_kg]) 870.0
[vitamin_e] ([mg_per_kg]) 600.0
[minerals] Amount
[calcium] ([percent]) 1.1
[chlore] ([percent]) 0.9
[copper] ([mg_per_kg]) 22.0
[iodine] ([mg_per_kg]) 3.76
[iron] ([mg_per_kg]) 181.0
[magnesium] ([percent]) 0.08
[manganese] ([mg_per_kg]) 86.0
[potassium] ([percent]) 0.6
[selenium] ([mg_per_kg]) 0.45
[sodium] ([percent]) 0.5
[zinc] ([mg_per_kg]) 250.0