CP Classic Adult Lamb 2 Kg

CP Classic Adult Lamb 2 Kg
Модель: CP Classic Adult Lamb 2 Kg
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CP Classic Dog Food - Lamb

Flavor(s) and Size(s)

                 Lamb Available in 15kg


                 Corn, Chicken by-product meal, Rice, Corn gluten-meal,  Soybean meal,
                 Full fat soybean, Chicken fat, Brewers dried yeast, Dried skimmedmilk,
                 Iodized salt, Vitamins and minerals, Antioxidants, Flavoring and Food Coloring    


 Nutritional Composition:       

                 Crude Protein 19 % (MIN)
                 Crude Fat 9 % (MIN)
                 Crude Fiber 4 % (MAX)
                 Moisture 10 % (MAX)
                 Carbohydrates 60 % (MAX)
                 Sodium 0.30 % (MIN)


Selling Points:                                                                                                           

               -  Healthy Digestive System & good ingredients digestibility:
                 Helps maximize the benefits of nutrient vitamin and mineral.                 

              -  Vitamin E and Selenium added:
                 Helps strengthen the natural immune system.

              -  Quality Protein:
                 Helps in proper development of growth and muscles.

              -  Optimal balance between Omega-3 & Omega-6:
                 Help to support in developing healthy skin and coat.         

              -  Optimal Level of Calcium and Phosphorus:
                 Help to maintain strong teeth and bones.   


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