Guinea Pig Food Crispy Muesli 1 kg

Guinea Pig Food Crispy Muesli 1 kg
Производитель: VERSELE-LAGA
Модель: 58091
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This tasty, fibre-rich Crispy Muesli Guinea Pigs is a complete food containing delicious hay stems, a variety of vegetables and flakes... Real Fruity! It's a diverse gourmet mix for your guinea pig. Thanks to the "Happy & Healthy" pellets it also contains, Crispy Muesli has all the nutrients that your guinea pig needs to live a long, healthy and happy life. The fibre-rich composition also keeps the intestines and teeth in great shape. With extra vitamin C because guinea pigs, just like humans, cannot do without.



Analytical constituents
 Protein   15 
 Fat content  
 Crude fibre   13 
 Crude ash  
 Phosphorus   0,55 
 Nutritional additives        
 Vitamin A   11.100  IU/kg 
 Vitamin D3   1.100  IU/kg 
 Vitamin E   75  mg/kg 
 Vitamin C   380  mg/kg 
 E1 (iron)   90  mg/kg 
 E2 (iodine)   1,9  mg/kg 
 E4 (copper)   mg/kg 
 E5 (manganese)   68  mg/kg 
 E6 (zinc)   65  mg/kg 
 E8 (selenium)   0,18  mg/kg 

 Derivatives of vegetable origin