Kosher for Passover - La Cat Dry Food 3 Kilogram

Kosher for Passover - La Cat Dry Food 3 Kilogram
Производитель: לה קט
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PASSOVER KOSHER - RABANOUT HADERA- With Te'oda - Rabbi Haim Zaretzki

Our clients enjoy storing their Chametz food bags with us, we will sell it, and you can recuperate it after the Chag

La Cat (chicken) is now available in a package that prevents oxidation – thus protecting the product’s freshness.

Ingredients: corn, chicken flour, wheat, corn gluten, chicken fat, fish meal, wheat Rmolaz', flavors, salt, minerals and trace elements, vitamins, cranberries, taurine, yucca, oxidation inhibitors, phosphoric acid, citric acid.

Nutritional Content:

Protein 30

Fat 13

Apr 6.5

Cellulose 2

Calcium 1.1

Phosphorus 0.9

Salt 1.6

Taurine 0.15

Magnesium 0.10

Content of vitamins (IU / kg) Vitamin A 15 000 Vitamin D3 1200 Vitamin E 60

Metabolic energy: 3600 kcal / kilogram