EUKANUBA Medium Breed (10-25kg) Puppy 3.5 Kg

EUKANUBA Medium Breed (10-25kg) Puppy 3.5 Kg
Производитель: EUKANUBA
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A complete diet for puppies and young dogs of medium-sized breeds, from month 1 to month 12 and contains the Vital Health Formula.

Eukanuba Medium Breed Puppy Food is a complete, balanced daily food, formulated to meet the specific nutritional requirements of growing dogs of medium-sized breeds (adult weight 11-25kg). 
The mixture supplies all the nutrients required during the crucial growth period, when weight gain and bone development must be closely monitored.

Eukanuba Medium Breed Puppy Food can be given as early as 3-6 weeks after birth, during the weaning stage. When the puppy reaches adulthood it should be transferred to an adult Eukanuba variety.

The high energy content of this product also makes it suitable for pregnant and nursing bitches.

Eukanuba Medium Breed Puppy Food at a glance:

  • Controlled protein and fat content for optimal weight gain and bone development
  • Maintains a stable and healthy immune system
  • Promotes clean, healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat
  • Free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives

Dried chicken & turkey (>28%), corn, wheat, animal fat, rice, dried beet pulp (>2.5%), dried whole egg, fish oil, yeast, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, fructooligosaccharides (0.15%), calcium carbonate, marigold extract.

Vitamins: vitamin A (15,000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (750 IU/kg), vitamin E (200 mg/kg), beta-carotin (1 mg/kg). 
Trace elements: iron [iron sulphate-heptahydrate] (234 mg/kg), zinc [zinc oxide] (195 mg/kg), manganese [manganese oxide] (26 mg/kg), manganese [manganese sulphate-monohydrate] (19 mg/kg), copper [copper sulphate-pentahydrate] (15 mg/kg), iodine [potassium iodate] (3 mg/kg), cobalt [basic cobalt carbonate-monohydrate] (0.5 mg/kg).