Walkies® Tiny Bites

Walkies® Tiny Bites
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LifeSPRINGS Walkies® Tiny Bites Dog Treats. LifeSPRINGS Walkies® Tiny Bites are the world's first Natural Nutritional Health Treat for dogs. They are the healthiest dog treat on the market. Now you can get the same satisfaction buying minerals & vitamins for your dog, just like you do for yourself.

To be specific, we use LifeSPRINGS® Plant Derived Minerals* with an added vitamins essential for your dogs diet, then its power packed with:






22.4% min

26.8% min

27.6% min


6.9% min

7.4% min

7.3% min


2.2% max

2.4% max

2.2% max

Crude Fibre

2.6% max

0.3% max

0.5% max

Moisture Content

18% max

19.7% max

19.6% max


17% max

11.2% max

11.8% max


  • Omega 3, 6 & 9, Vegetable Protein, Rice & Soya Flour, Salt, Fructose, 30% Fresh Australian Chicken, Lamb & Fish

  • Parsley, Flaxseed, MSM, Kelp, Natural Vitamin E, Natural Colour and Preservatives, Antioxidants, Fish oil, Canola oil

Simply serve to your dog or puppy as a training aid or special treat each day.

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