RAFINE Luxury Fish 85 gr

RAFINE Luxury Fish 85 gr
Производитель: RAFINE
Модель: 732
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Rafiné® Petit in the form of a cat's head. Already on the shop shelf the new 85-g-portion dish stands out impressively. And your cat will enjoy an unforgettable feeding experience. Because this exclusive cat's meal combines outstanding quality and excellent taste in the most superb style possible. What more can a responsible cat-lover wish for his feline friend? Rafiné® Petit, the fine and delicate meat paté with visible and tender pieces of meat or fish. A real culinary delight for your cat. The exquisite selection of varieties underlines the exclusiveness of this product. All sorts contain a carefully balanced combination of vital vitamins and minerals.They are guaranteed to have been produced without the addition of soya and artificial colouring and flavouring.


Rafiné Petit with luxury fish
Meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives ( 4 % salmon and sea devil each), oils and fats, minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin